Become an author

If you have an idea for a systematic review of an intervention, or a diagnostic test, which falls within our scope*, then you can apply to become an author with our group. 

We require that authors are experts within their chosen field. Specifically, we require that teams comprise of at least:

  • one content expert;
  • one person with direct clinical experience;
  • one person who has completed a systematic review (preferably a Cochrane review);
  • a statistician; and
  • for teams whose first language is not English, someone who is fluent in the English language (all Cochrane Reviews are written in English).

Also, as we are publicly funded, we require teams to adhere to deadlines; failure to do so may result in the title being deregistered and given to another author team.

If you meet the above criteria, and you have an idea for a review, then please register your interest.

*Please note, we are only accepting priority titles for reviews in the following conditions:

  • autism;
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
  • growth and development;
  • child maltreatment; and
  • conduct disorder.

Reviews outside of these conditions may still be considered but only if they are funded or have been identified by a funder as a priority. However, we do not generally accept titles funded by postgraduate studentships (e.g. Masters, PhDs), due to externally-imposed deadlines.

If your proposed title meets these requirements, please see here for information on how to register your title.