Registering a title

*Please note, we are only accepting priority titles for reviews in the following conditions:

  • autism;
  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder;
  • growth and development;
  • child maltreatment; and
  • conduct disorder.

Reviews outside of these conditions may still be considered but only if they are funded or have been identified by a funder as a priority. However, we do not generally accept titles funded by postgraduate studentships (e.g. Masters, PhDs), due to externally-imposed deadlines.

If your proposed title meets these requirements, please see below for information on how to register your title. Note, all expressions of interest must be submitted via Editorial Manager®—Cochrane's online submission system. 

The steps to registering your title are as follows: 

  1. Authors interested in submitting a title on a particular topic should, in the first instance, refer to the guidance available on the Cochrane website and the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions. The titles of Cochrane reviews must follow a specific format, see here.
  2. Search the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews to see if a review on your proposed topic has been completed or is under way. Check PROSPEROan international prospective register of systematic reviewsto ensure a similar review is not already in progress.
  3. Check our scope to ensure your title falls within the remit of our group.  
  4. Ensure you have a team in place to help you develop the review. Your team should include people with content expertise, clinical expertise and, ideally, experience in writing a systematic review to ensure it meets the standard required by Cochrane. In addition, at least one author’s first language must be English. Your team must also possess, or have access to, the statistical skills required to extract, analyse and interpret the data from any included studies. In addition, you must be prepared to adhere to deadlines, as failure to do so may result in your title being deregistered and given to another team.
  5. Check that you and your team members do not have any conflicts of interest that may stop you from conducting a Cochrane Systematic Review (see here for more information).
  6. Log into Editorial Manager®—Cochrane's online submission system—and select 'Submit new manuscript'. For guidance, please see instructions for authors on submitting new proposals. 
  7. If we are interested in your title, we will invite you submit a full Review Proposal via an online form with Editorial Manager®. 
  8. The Editorial Team will assess the proposal against our scope; check for potential overlap with existing reviews (both internal and external to Cochrane to reduce research waste); confirm that it is a priority topic; assess the skill mix of the team to conduct the review; and check that all sections of the form have been completed adequately.