Dietary modifications for infantile colic

This Cochrane Intervention Review assessed the effects of dietary modifications, alone or in comination, for reducing colic in infants less than four months of age versus another intervention or placebo.

The review includes 15 randomised controlled trials involving 1121 infants (balanced in numbers of boys and girls) aged 2 to 16 weeks. The studies covered a wide range of dietary interventions and there was limited scope for meta-analysis. All studies were small and at high risk of bias across multiple design factors (selection, attrition). The quality of the evidence was very low.

Based on the available evidence, the Cochrane Review authors said it was not possible to draw any robust conclusions on the effectiveness of dietary modifications for infantile colic because the evidence is scant and prone to bias; presently only a few trials are available, most of them outdated and at serious risk of bias. Thus, dietary modifications can neither be recommended nor excluded from therapies, given their unknown benefit, and new research must address key methodological issues, some of which are context specific.

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