DPLP seeks author team for review on 'Oral probiotics for infantile colic'

Cochrane Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems (DPLP) is looking for a team to assume responsibility for the following review: Oral probiotics for infantile colic.

We will require a draft protocol to be submitted by the 30 November 2021 and the review by 31 May 2022. The successful team will be chosen based on the following.

  • Content expertise related to the topic.
  • Suitable skill mix, to include:
    • knowledge and experience of Cochrane systematic review methodology, including assessing the risk of bias of relevant studies and grading the certainty of the evidence, as set out in the Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions;
    • basic statistical knowledge related to, for example, extracting appropriate data, conducting meta-analyses where appropriate, and interpreting and discussing the results;
    • ability to write a scientific report of publishable standard in English; and
    • project management and leadership ability within the team (usually the named Contact Person).
  • Track record (previous experience in delivering important Cochrane Reviews to standard and to time).
  • Team resources (ideally access to a consumer, statistical support, English-language speaker if necessary, equipment such as computing hardware and software, library support to search additional sources and retrieve interlibrary loans, etc.).

All authors will be expected to be comprehensive, systematic, and methodical in their approach to all aspects of the review and to approach the review with scientific rigor; to be as objective as possible; and to adhere to Cochrane’s Conflicts of Interest policy. Authors should be willing to take account of any specific instructions from DPLP, and they must adhere to any agreed deadlines.

Expressions of interest from candidate author teams, detailing how they meet each of the criteria listed above, their motivation for conducting the review, along with the CVs of all proposed authors, should be submitted to Joanne Duffield at cdplpg@qub.ac.uk by 23 July 2021.

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