Evidence Synthesis Ireland Webinar and Workshop Series

On behalf of Evidence Synthesis Ireland (ESI), CDPLP is pleased to announce the following, forthcoming training events from the ESI Webinar and Workshop Series!

19 September 2022: Workshop on 'Meta-ethnography training', by Dr Emma France

This workshop aims to provide participants with an understanding of the key principles of meta-ethnography conduct, including the complex analytic synthesis processes of ‘translation’ and ‘synthesising translations.’ In this course participants will be enabled to:

  • describe the seven phases of meta-ethnography;
  • understand how meta-ethnography differs from other QES methodologies;
  • understand when use of meta-ethnography is and is not appropriate;
  • identify the range of literature search and selection methods suitable for meta-ethnography;
  • identify the impact of different strategies for reading primary studies on the output of a meta-ethnography; and
  • attain an understanding of the principles for conducting meta-ethnography phases 4 to 6: determining how studies are related, translation, synthesis of translations and line of argument synthesis.

29 & 30 September, 6 & 7 October 2022: Workshop on 'Introduction to systematic reviews', by Prof Anne Matthews and Prof Veronica Lambert

This workshop will be held over four mornings and provides authors at the beginning of the systematic review process, with an in-depth understanding of how reviews are structured. It offers an insight into the development of a protocol, introducing participants to methodology, search methods, data extraction and meta-analysis. This workshop also includes an introduction to RevMan software and its use during protocol development.

27 October 2022: Webinar on 'Equity, diversity and inclusion in Cochrane and Campbell systematic reviews', by Dr Vivian Welch

This webinar will provide an overview of methods for considering equity, diversity and inclusion in systematic reviews in health and social sciences, with examples of good practice. This builds on the Cochrane Handbook chapter on equity and specific populations, as well as ongoing work on promoting diversity and inclusion in trials and in systematic review teams as steps towards an inclusive evidence ecosystem.

Dr Vivian Welch is Editor-in-Chief of the Campbell Collaboration, Director of the Methods Centre at the Bruyère Research Institute, and Associate Professor at University of Ottawa School of Epidemiology and Public Health. Her research interests include methods for synthesizing evidence on health equity. She led the Cochrane Handbook chapter on equity and specific populations and co-convenes the Campbell and Cochrane Equity methods group.

11 November 2022: Webinar on 'Trial Forge Evidence Packs and repackaging systematic reviews', by Prof Shaun Treweek

Systematic reviews are key to evidence-informed decisions but can be a long and challenging read. Working in trial methods, Trial Forge work done a few years ago found that most trial designers were unaware of systematic reviews on what might improve recruitment. The same is no doubt true for other trial processes. What the people we spoke really wanted was information on what is it, does it work and should I use it. This was the basis for Trial Forge Evidence packs, which take their starting point in systematic reviews but then provide key information in a simple 2-page standard format. The packs also provide resources to support implementation and evaluation of the intervention. This talk will describe Trial Forge Evidence Packs and discuss ways in which they are being linked to systematic reviews and other resources to provide a simpler way for people to get up-to-date best evidence on intervention effects.

Shaun is a health services researcher interested in efficient trial design, particularly around recruitment and retention and the effective presentation of research evidence.  He also helped to develop PRECIS-2, a tool to match trial design decisions to the information needs of those intended to use the results.  He leads an initiative called Trial Forge (www.trialforge.org) that aims to be more systematic about how we identify, generate and use research evidence in making trial design, conduct, analysis and reporting decisions. In 2019 Trial Forge won the international Cochrane-REWARD Prize for outstanding work in reducing waste in research. Finally, Shaun is an Editor-in-Chief of the journal Trials.

Spaces are limited so sign up now at evidencesynthesisireland.ie/training