Families and Schools Together (FAST) for improving outcomes for children and their families

This Cochrane Review, published July 2019, assessed the effectiveness  of the Families and Schools Together (FAST) programme in improving outcomes among children and their families. It includes 10 randomised controlled trials, with a total of more than 9000 children and their families, comparing the effects of FAST with no intervention or usual care. Nine studies were conducted in the USA and the other in the UK. All studies had at least some involvement of the developer of the intervention or the FAST organisation. The evidence shows that FAST probably does not improve child school performance (moderate-certainty evidence), reduce child internalising behaviours (low-certainty evidence) or improve family relations (moderate-certainty evidence) at follow-up. There is some evidence that FAST may result in a small, possibly important improvement in child externalising behaviour at follow-up (low-certainty evidence). No studies assessed child adverse events, parental substance abuse or parental stress.

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