Important news about the future of CDPLP

We have recently learned that the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) funding to Cochrane Review Groups will cease from April 2023. Our funder, the Northern Ireland Public Health Agency (PHA), is following suit.

CDPLP has benefitted from many years of stable funding from first the NIHR and – since 2008 - the PHA. We have been blessed with immense support from colleagues and friends across the world, including our review authors, editors, and peer referees from the worlds of practice and policy, including clinicians, practitioners, patients, service users and carers.

Cochrane is currently in the process of developing a new model for managing the production and publication of systematic reviews. As a valued member of Cochrane you can join in that discussion here.

Our current NIHR funding remains in place until the end of March 2023 and we will continue to fulfil our obligations to the funder by continuing to undertake high quality systematic reviews to inform decision making. In the coming weeks we will work to identify which reviews can be realistically supported to completion in the given timeframe. We have a large number of ongoing reviews, so this will take some time. Please do not contact the Editorial Base, as this will only slow this process down.

Please note, since this statement was issued, we have taken the decision NOT to accept proposals for new titles. This is in part due to the wider changes happening within Cochrane but also the length of time it takes to complete a Cochrane Review.