New Review! De-escalation techniques for managing non-psychosis induced aggression in adults

This Cochrane Intervention Review assessed the effects of de-escalation techniques for managing non-psychosis-induced aggression in adults in care settings, in both staff and service users.

The review included one, cluster-randomised study, conducted across 16 nursing homes in France. A total of 306 older people with dementia (average age = 86 years) took part in the study. The study did not report on any of the review's primary or secondary outcomes (such as the number of injuries sustained by staff or residents), but did report on the impact of staff training on resident's level of agression three months postintervention. It found that staff training reduced levels of physical and verbal agression assessed by some measures but not (all very low-quality evidence).

One study is ongoing. 

The authors concluded that, due to the limited evidence, there is uncertainty regarding the effectiveness of de-escalation and that high-quality research is urgently needed.

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