Parent training programmes for managing infantile colic

This new Cochrane review (published December 2019) sought to: 1) evaluate the effectiveness and safety of parent training programmes for managing colic in infants under four months of age; and 2) identify the educational content and attributes of such published programmes. 

It includes 7 randomised controlled trials with 1187 participants, comparing the effectiveness of any form of parental training programmes, alone or in combination, versus another intervention or control, on infantile colic. 

The review authors found that, compared to control, parent training may reduce crying time for infants (low-certainty evnidece). They also found evidence to suggest that crying time at completion may be shorter for infants on a milk-exclusion/soy milk formula than for parent training. There were no useable data to draw conclusions on parent training versus specialiased baby seat, or parent training plus swaddling, and none of the included studies explicitly reported the occurrence of adverse effects of parent training. 

The second objective could not be completed due to a lack of data in study reports and no further information being supplied by the study authors on request. 

Read the full review on the Cochrane Library.