Peer Review

In line with Cochrane's peer review policy, all Cochrane Protocols and Reviews, as well as most Updates, undergo peer review by one or more specialists external to the Cochrane Developmental, Psychosocial and Learning Problems Editorial Team prior to publication. Furthermore, all Cochrane Review authors are given the opportunity to revise their Protocol/Review/Update in response to this feedback, which is checked by the Editorial Team. 

We invite at least two content experts, a statistician or methodologist (or both), as well as a consumer (healthcare service user) to provide feedback on each Protocol and Review, and in most cases, Updates. By definition, content experts are specialists in their field, and thus are not necessarily expected to have expertise in systematic review methodology. For this reason, we will always invite a statistician or methodologist (or both), to comment on the manuscript also. Healthcare service users provide a invaluable contribution in ensuring our Protocols/Reviews/Updates are accessible, and address questions that are of most concern to healthcare consumers, their families and their carers. 

We ask peer reviewers to provide their feedback on a structured feedback form and, where possible, within 21 days of receipt. Occasionally, due to the urgency of the work, we may ask peer reviewers to provide their feedback within a shorter time frame. Guideline notes are available for both clinical and consumer reviewers. 

The Managing Editor is responsible for managing the peer review process.

If you would like to peer review our work, please contact the Editorial team or complete our contact information form. Please note, we operate an open peer review process, where reviewers' names and affiliations are made known to authors and vice versa.