We only update reviews that are considered to be a priority (e.g. being used to inform a guideline). Authors are expected to contribute to this process by informing the Managing Editor of the status of their review every two years (e.g. if there are sufficient new studies that warrant an update).

Updated searches can be provided by the Information Specialist when authors are ready to begin to update their review. However, it is important that authors contact the Managing Editor, to discuss possible changes to the scope of their review, and the Information Specialist to discuss possible changes to their search strategy, as early as possible and before rerunning updated searches. There are occasions when a new protocol may be required (e.g. the methods are out of date). 

A review that becomes substantially out-of-date will be subject to editorial review with a view to removal from Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. Prior to this, review authors will be informed that this is about to happen, and given the opportunity to bring the review up to date.

Disagreements between the editorial team and the review authors, or between the review authors themselves, about issues regarding the update of their reviews (whether occasioned by new data or by criticisms) should be resolved by discussion, with potential arbitration from UK Cochrane Centre.